Are You Coming to Photoshop World Conference 2017 in Orlando This April?

Howdy everybody. Registration is in full swing right now for the upcoming conference in Orlando on April 20-22, 2017 in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center (there will be no Vegas conference this year, as Adobe is taking their Adobe Max conference to Vegas in the same time frame we would be there). So, come and join us in Orlando (but first, watch the official 1-minute and 7-seconds conference trailer below):

Lots of cool new things this year, and stuff we introduced last year that was hit, including new instructors, new workshops, new networking events, a very cool party, a Pub Crawl, and a whole lot more!

You can register today at and save $ 100 by taking advantage of the Early Bird discount...

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Where Will You Be….

…when the world’s best teachers in Photoshop and Photography take the stage in Las Vegas next month, on the 19th – 21st, at the Photoshop World 2016 Conference?


Why not come and be a part of it all? Don’t just read about it afterward. Experience it yourself.

Save $ 100 by getting your tickets before this Friday!
The Early Bird special $ 100-off deal ends this Friday, so get your tickets right now…then:

(1) Get your special hotel room discount for conference attendees
(2) Grab your airfare (we have a discount airfare finder)
(3) Start booking some show reservations, and making dinner plans
(4) Pack your bags, ’cause we’re going to Vegas, baby!



P.S. Need help convincing your boss you need to be there? We’ve written a “letter to your boss” for you, and it’s awesome — jus...

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Photoshop World 2016 Update


Hey gang – just a quick update for what’s new and going on at the upcoming Photoshop World 2016 Conference in Las Vegas this summer, July 19-21, 2016:

(1) CALL FOR ENTRIES: The Photoshop World Guru Awards
This is a photo/image competition just for people who attend the conference (so your odds of winning in a category are pretty decent), and there are categories for everything from illustration to retouching to compositing, and entry is free to any registered attendee (and entry is only for registered attendees). The official rules and form for uploading your images to the competition are right here. Good luck! (btw: if you’re on the fence about entering, read this post from Photoshop World Instructor Corey Barker about how his career changed after winning a Guru Award back when he was an...

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Photoshop World Registration Now Open!


It’s official – Registration for the 2016 Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas is now open! Whoo Hoo!!!

Lots of cool new things this year – lots of new instructors, new workshops, new networking events, new parties (we’re even working on a Pub Crawl for this year), and a whole lot more! (lots of fun stuff we’ve yet to announce – we’re brewing up a doozy this year!).

You can register today at and save $ 100 by taking advantage of the Early Bird discount. Also, if you’re a KelbyOne member, you can save another $ 100 off the full conference pricing.

I hope you can join us there this summer. It’s going to be (wait for it…wait for it…) epic! (you knew that was coming).



P.S. Did I mention we’re going to Vegas? Well  we are...

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Hi-key fun

How about a little hi-key fun… Let’s start with a simple color portrait.

Now you will want to click on the Adjustment Layer at the bottom of the Layers panel… choose Channel Mixer. Make sure to put the change the Output Channel to gray and then move the sliders to get a pretty good color conversion. It won’t be a perfect hi-key look in one shot, so don’t stress out.

Here is the result of the first Channel Mixer adjustment layer.

Now to make it lighter, simply use Command-  (PC Ctrl-J) to make a copy of the adjustment layer and then simply change the blending mode of that layer to Screen. See in the image below that everything lightens up...

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Flow vs. Opacity

Do you know the difference between the Opacity and Flow sliders when using the paintbrush tool?

Here is a quick illustration to show what is happening.

Opacity sets the ceiling of darkness or opaqueness… Flow sets the speed that the color is applied. Think of Flow like dialing the amount of water coming out of a faucet. 100 per cent gives you all of the color in one shot, while lower Flow allows for lighter lines that will build up to the Opacity ceiling. Hence the last two lines in the example below show what happens when you keep building up with a Flow of only 10 per cent. So when you want to draw light lines and then have them build up, sort of like a pencil… setting a low Flow rather than Opacity will give you better results...

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Puppet Master

So here’s is a fun little project you can do with your kids or really anyone that you may want to control…ahem, I mean impress.

Just a couple of simple techniques will have you done in no time… no strings attached. :P You will get the best results from two images from the same shoot so that they have the same lighting, but it is possible that you may want to add two different people from different shoots, so it is up to you.

Start with an image that will work for the puppet master… hands out

Add a second image with the person in a usable pose with arms doing something

Resize the second image to be "puppet" size

Now add the control rods… any type of wooden or metal rod can be used

Use the Pen tool or line tool to draw lines from the ends of the rods to the hands and feet

Don't for...

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Car details

Ok, I admit it… I have been hooked on playing Forza 6 on the Xbox over the Christmas Holidays and part of the fun is being able to paint and detail your cars… and that got me thinking about having fun with cars in Photoshop. Now this tip is not the ultimate trick to do the most amazing graphics on your cars… that will take a lot more time and patience than this blog can ask… but it will get you started on playing around and hopefully inspire you in some new ways.

beginning car courtesy of

So first thing you may want to do it change the vehicles color… choose Hue and Saturation from the Adjustment layers menu at the bottom of the Layers Panel. Make sure to click Colorize and then adjust sliders to the color you want. Below is the setting I used for this one.

hue and satura...

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Helmet Head

So here is a little fun thing to play around with… I did it with motorcycle helmets, but you could easily do the same for football helmets etc…

First step is to find a good helmet for the base… this one is from

Once you have the helmet you want, use any selection method you like to select out just the trim and inside of the helmet and put it on its own layer. I prefer to use the pen tool to ensure smooth crisp lines. You may also want to clone out the chin strap… but the choice is up to you.

Now you can have fun finding all kinds of spheres and assorted items to create some funky helmets. Here is a soccer ball that works great.

Once you bring the soccer ball into the helmet layer, you will simply need to mask out the areas that go past the opening...

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What the heck is Blend if?

In the Layers Styles panel at the bottom of the first tab “Blending Options” is one of the unsung heroes of Photoshop that gets overlooked so often, and I think it is because it seems a little weird or scary… so today i am going to try to eliminate some of the confusion and hopefully give you a reason to take the Blend if sliders for a spin… er… a slide.

“Blend if” works on the amount of tonality the element or its background has according to the sliders. Most of the time you will use it set on gray, but the same principles apply if you change to a different color. The key is how much white, black or shades of gray the element or the background has in it, that will then determine what is blended. (Think of blending as allowing parts of one layer to show through parts of the other.)

It will...

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